Business Visas for Japan by SHIMAX Legal



Fees for our services may vary somewhat depending on the individual complexity of each case, however as a reference point, please refer to the following table. Professional fees include full English language support.
(All amounts in Japanese yen)

COE Application

ServiceProfessional FeesExpenses
Highly-Skilled Foreign Professional300,000 ~
Business Manager200,000 ~
Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services150,000 ~
Intra-Company Transferee150,000 ~

Extension Application

ServiceProfessional FeesExpenses
Business Manager100,000 ~Revenue stamp tax 4,000
Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services100,000 ~Revenue stamp tax 4,000
Intra-Company Transferee100,000 ~Revenue stamp tax 4,000

Incorporation Services

ServiceProfessional FeesExpenses
Joint-Stock Company (“kabushiki kaisha”)300,000 ~Registration tax 150,000
Notarization of Articles of Incorporation 52,000
Limited Liability Company (“godo kaisha”)250,000 ~Registration tax 60,000
Japan branch registration200,000 ~Registration tax 90,000

Notes: Consumption tax applies to our professional fees.